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carcinization sticker set, crab parody sticker set (waterproof vinyl)

carcinization sticker set, crab parody sticker set (waterproof vinyl)

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Six 3.5-inch stickers featuring diverse multicolored crabs and the phrase "crabs are inevitable", in reference to carcinization, or the term for the convergent evolution of the crab body form. The crab-like body has evolved (at least) five independent times, and there are five individual crab illustrations representing each of these groups! The set includes blue (blue "true" crab), green (hermit crab), purple (hairy stone crab), orange (king crab), and pink (porcelain crab), in addition to a bonus 6th sticker with one of two options: 1) a sticker that says "CRABTAN: EVOLUTIONARY EXPANSION" (yellow) or 2) a sticker that says "I WANT TO BELIEVE" with a crab leg-adorned UFO. Perfect laptop decal, car bumper sticker, water bottle sticker, etc. A great gift for anyone in your life who loves crabs, evolution, the board game Catan, or supernatural phenomena.

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