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shuck the patriarchy sticker pack (waterproof vinyl)

shuck the patriarchy sticker pack (waterproof vinyl)

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4 inch waterproof vinyl sticker with multicolored oysters and the words SHUCK THE PATRIARCHY. Set of 6 stickers includes blue, teal, green, purple, orange, and pink. Perfect laptop decal, car bumper sticker, water bottle sticker, etc. A great gift for anyone in your life who wants to tell the patriarchy to "shuck off" without opening their mouths!

I'm a marine ecologist who studies oysters who happened to make this design days before the SCOTUS (lack of) ruling on Texas SB8, which strips people across the country of basic reproductive freedoms. 10% of proceeds from this SHUCK THE PATRIARCHY design will be donated to grassroots reproductive justice organizations and abortion access. Male politicians don't belong in our uteruses or our oysters!

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